12 Unknown uses of SIRI

1. Disable Suggestions: SIRI can make a suggestion and even ‘read’ your mind – knowing which apps,people and locations you want.But you can turn it off at Setting>General>Spotlight>Search>Siri Suggestions.

2. Set Reminders: We can’t remember everything but fortunately Siri can. Say “Remind me to call my wife at 2 pm today”or even give a specific date and SIRI will prompt you at the right time.

3. Dictate with punctuation: When dictating SMSes and emails,you don’t have to leave anything to chance you can add punctuation such as “COMMA”,formatting such as “NEW LINE” and Twitter essentials such as “HASHTAG”.

4. Show photos by date: Simply saying “SHOW PHOTOS BY DATE” opens the Photos app and puts your images in order.If you have names for your image folders,it’ll bring those up too.

5. Put calls on the speaker: Not only you can get SIRI to call someone, you can even have it connect you while activating the speaker for all of those moments when you must be hands-free.

6. Flip a coin: Say “FLIP A COIN” and you”ll get an immediate heads or tails with no worry that the penny could flip on it’s side. You can“THROW A DIE/DICE”too.

7. Control a smartphone: Depending on what you have connected to your iOS device, you may be able to use SIRI to voice control them. Phillips Hue lights are a good example of this.

8. Do maths: One user asked SIRI what 10 trillion to the power of 1,000 minus one equalled -the answer overheated his iPhone. But you can ask it pretty much any sum.

9. Get some privacy: If you need some peace and quiet,you can say “DO NOT  DISTURB” to switch on the Do Not Disturb feature or “TURN ON AIRPLANE MODE” if you are flying. SIRI can delete alarms too.

10. Figure an ETA: SIRI is good at giving you directions (“HOW DO I GET TO SUCH-A-PLACE?”) and it’s also good for estimating the time left to get there. Just say“ETA” after setting up the navigation.

11. Buy stuff: Stuck for something to get a special person in you life? How about “BUY A GIFT CARD”.“GOODY LET’S GO SHOPPING”,says SIRI before taking you direct to the purchase page.

12. Use new languages: With iOS 9.3, there are now three more languages available to SIRI: Malay,Finnish,Hebrew. Ask “CAN YOU SPEAK KLINGO” to be shown all of the other languages that are supported.

Author: Yash

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