7 Awesome Unisex Hair Care Tips

To condition or not to condition, to oil or not to oil – when it comes to your hair you’ll find all kinds of advice. Mothers’ will tell you to “oil your hair” while your hair dresser will recommend the new IT thing “hair spa, Moroccan oil, strengthening or rebonding and all.”

Before you pick your choice of treatment, here are a few things you must know.

1- Towel Drying Isn’t Best:


Blotting with a t-shirt is better.

Towel Blotting– We pretty much think we all do that, lol.Towel blotting is when we put towel on out hair to absorb the excess water.

T-shirt Blotting– The exact same but using an old t-shirt (hey we never said dirty t-shirt, lol).

Our Opinion: We have tested both and indeed they are different.The t-shirt left the hair softer than the towel.But the main concern is the time t-shirt blotting takes since towels are made by the material which is specific to absorb water.


2- Over Shampooing Is Not Good:

Too much shampooing can remove essential oils from your hair.

Only shampoo once in the shower. The second round is unnecessary and can dry your hair out.

Second round can damage your hair too.

3- Be Gentle:


Don’t over scrub your hair too aggressively. This could cause breakage and split ends.




4- Root To Tip:



Apply top to bottom flow i.e Shampoo your roots first and work down to ends. Your scalp is what needs the most cleansing, not your tips.



5- Cool Water Rinse:


Always rinse your hair with cool water at the end of your shower. It will close your hair cuticle and make it shine.



6- No Conditioner To Wet Hair:



Conditioner should be applied to hair after it is squeezed of excess water.





6- Trim your hair:



Hair should be regularly trimmed to be kept neat and healthy. Trimming removes the split ends and helps it to grow faster.


We hope our tips and tricks helped you. If we have left something that you believe is must know point tell us below by comment.

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Author: Aakash

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