Action Packed Garlic Tips

     1. Blood Pressure

Garlic is a great way to lower your supine systolic blood pressure by 12mmHG…and

unlike normal medication, there aren’t any side effects!



  2. Inflammation

Similar to pain relievers, garlic shuts down pathways in the body which cause inflammation!



   3. Bye Bye Infection
Warts, fungus infections and ringworms can all be treated when garlic is applied directly to the skin!



   4. Immune System Booster

12 mg of potassium, 100 sulfuric compounds and 5 mg of calcium are found in just ONE clove of garlic!



5. Endless Benefits

You’re less likely to catch a cold, stomach and prostate cancer and many other illnesses if you consume garlic

on a daily basis!




Image Source from- wiki skyscraper marlon dailymail livingTraditionally

Author: Aakash

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