Deodorant Hacks You Must Know

Confession: I love a multi-tasking product more than most. What’s not to like, they save your money, don’t we all want that???

Well, deodorant was one of those products I always assumed was pretty one-dimensional. Sure, it stops me sweating.

Turns out it does a lot more than just mask bad BOBody Odour. Take one simple deodorant and you can basically solve all of the life’s problems. Kind of…


1-  Clear Up Annoying Acne:

While your dermatologist may not recommend this method, deodorant dries out moisture, so swiping some on a pesky pimple can zap that sucker right off of your face.



2-  Nail paint remover:

Did you miss out nail paint remover from your shopping list? No worries. You can still wear new nail paint. Spray some deodorant directly on your nails and wipe it off with a cotton ball. Make sure you are quick enough in the process as spray deodorant dries up very fast.



3-  Relieves insect bite:

You might not be carrying an anti-itch ointment while on the go but a deodorant is a handy stuff. If you don’t have it, someone in the group must be carrying it along. Rub or spray deodorant on an insect or bug bite to cool down the itchy effect within few minutes.



4-  Stop A Squeaky Door Hinge:

Yes, deodorant can even help with home improvements. Put some deodorant on a squeaky door hinge to make it more quiet (a stick you don’t use on your body). Now you can sneak out with ease!



5-  Improve Your Handshake:

No one likes shaking a sweaty palm. Apply deodorant to your palms and have the driest handshake at the party. Only do this if you’re going out and know you’re going to have to meet some people – you shouldn’t be slathering your hands with deodorant every single day.

hand shake


6-  Fit into skinny jeans:

Often, it gets difficult to slip into the skin-fit jeans, especially when you have pampered your legs with some cream based lotion. But you no longer have to sweat out in an effort to pull up tight jeans. Spray some deodorant on your legs and also on your denims They will slide up your legs without any hassle. Also, it will prevent your skin from sticking to the jeans.



7-  Get Rid Of A Shiny Face:

Want that matte look? Rub deodorant on your T-zone to prevent oily buildup from sweat and makeup. One note: if you’re going to try this, you might want to use an all-natural deodorant that is free of chemicals.

t-zone face



8-  Keep Your Sunglasses From Sliding Off:

Before you hit the beach, park, or festival, stick some deodorant on the bridge of your nose. It will stop slippage and you won’t be pushing your shades back up every two minutes.



9-  Solve All Of Your Foot Problems:

Wearing your awesome new kicks for the first time? Swipe deodorant along the sides of your feet to prevent rubbing, thus reducing the risk of blisters. And if you’re worried about your feet having a funky smell, put deodorant on the bottom of your dry feet prior to bed to smell fresh the next day.



10-  Prevent Razor Burn:

Let’s be honest,  shaving sucks. It takes too long, razors are sharp and make you bleed, and razor burn is an inevitable consequence. Deodorant’s here to save the day! Applying it to your sensitive areas after shaving can prevent razor burn from occurring and save you the pain and unsightly red dots.


Author: Aakash

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