Don’t buy iPhone SE, Unless you have no choice

For the Indian smartphone geeks, today is the iPhone SE day. Yes, Apple’s latest shiny new iPhone is on sale, at a price of Rs 39,000. And this price means it is also a phone that you shouldn’t buy, even if you badly need an iPhone. Buy it only if for some reason and that is big if you badly need an iPhone.

If you look at it objectively, the iPhone SE is probably the lamest iPhone Apple has ever launched in India. Even the iPhone 5C, given the pricing conditions in the market at that time, was a better proposition.

The problem with the iPhone SE is its whole positioning. It is clear that this phone is aimed at shoring up Apple’s fat margins, which are under threat in the case of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S due to high competition. For example, IHS report says that the iPhone SE’s manufacturing cost is just around Rs 11,000. A lot of components that were expensive two years ago when Apple bought them for the iPhone 5S, are now cheap. Because Apple is using the same or similar components, such as the 640p screen, in the iPhone SE, the cost of manufacturing is lower than what it was for the iPhone 5S.

But then, this is not the exact reason why we’re suggesting not buy the iPhone SE.

The main reason is its small screen. Yes, it’s cute. And yes the hardware inside is powerful. But the fact remains that on a small screen, everything is worse. Watching movies sucks on the small screen. Playing game is frustrating. Reading something on a small screen is a bad experience unless you have an eyesight that can spot eagles flying two kilometers away.

Author: Yash

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