Get Cortana On Your Android Device Now

If you bored of Google Now? Strike up a conversation with Microsoft’s personal assistance.

Google Now may be Android’s default persona assistant, but if you want to trial a new assistant you can install Microsoft’s Cortana like Google Now, Cortana understands vocal commands and is on-hand to help you perform a wide variety of tasks – everything from writing emails, to getting driving directions, set and cancel alarms, and even helping you split your bar bill. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to get Cortona on your android device.

How To Get Cortana On Android Phone.

1. Get the Cortana APK

Get Cortana On Your Android Device Now

Download the latest version of Cortana via OR Make sure you have Unknown sources enabled by opening your device’s Settings followed by Security and check the Unknown sources.

2. Sign in using Microsoft Account

Get Cortana On Your Android Device Now

After installing the Cortona Apk, launch your new Cortana app. Cortana will prompt you to log into your Microsoft account, or create an account (if you don’t already have one).

3. Strike up a conversation

Get Cortana On Your Android Device Now

Once you’re logged in, Cortana is ready to start taking your commands. To use voice search, tap the microphone icon and ask a question.

4. Communicate via text

Get Cortana On Your Android Device Now

If you are not in a mood to speak or If you’re in public and don’t want to be seen talking to your smartphone or tablet, you can communicate with Cortana via text. Just tap the Ask me anything bar and start typing. All the following commands work the same whether you’re communicating via text or via voice.

5. Math’s and conversions

Get Cortana On Your Android Device Now

Cortana can perform calculations (“what is 140 divided by 3”) and help you pen emails (“create a new email.”) You can also use Cortana to perform conversions, such as converting one currency into another, and converting inches into centimetres.

6. Set alarms and much more

Get Cortana On Your Android Device Now

To set an alarm using Cortana, either type or say “Set an alarm for 8.30am” or use a command such as “Set an alarm for two hours from now.” If you change your mind, you can disable alarms using the “Cancel my alarm for 8.30am” command. Or you can use Cortana to set yourself reminders. Or you can get weather reports.

7. Customize the Notebook

Get Cortana On Your Android Device Now

A notebook is where Cortana tracks everything you’re interested in. Once you select Notebook from Cortana’s main menu, you’ll notice a list of options. You can give Cortana a head start by tweaking Notebook settings, so start by tapping About Me, followed by Edit favorites. Enter some locations that are important to you, such as a favorite restaurant or your place of work.

8. Have fun with Cortana

Cortana has some hidden tricks and easter eggs. If you’re struggling to make a decision, Cortana can help you out by flipping a virtual coin (“flip a coin”). It can also sing to you (“Sing me a song”) and test your movie knowledge (“Play the movie game”) and much more.!!

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