Get S6 Edge Display On Any Android Phone

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge came with an innovative way of displaying notifications – illuminating the beveled edge along the side of the screen. Now even if you don’t have an S6 Edge, you can still get a taste of this Edge display using the Edge Color Notifications app.

Edge notification

Get Edge-style notifications about incoming phone calls on any Android device.

Step 1: Download the app from play store.


Download the Edge Color Notifications app from the Play store and launch the app.


Step2: Enable edge setting.

edge setting

To set up Edge Color Notifications, open the side menu and select Home. Enable both the People Edge and Phone call notification options. Open the side menu and select Phone Call Settings.


Step3: Customize your columns.

edge 2

Now you can customize the Edge effects for when you receive a phone call. Or you can also choose from a list of animations.


Step4: Select left, right or both.

edge 3

You can choose which side of the screen your animations will appear: left, right or both. If you select the Full Border animation, your columns appear around every side of the screen.


Step 5: Assign specific colors.

By default, Edge Color Notifications will apply the same color to every contact lists. To assign someone their own color, tap the block of color that appears next to their name and choose a new color from the pop-up that appears. Tap OK to save your changes.


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