How to Play Pokemon Go in India

Pokemon GO mania has taken over the world, even though it has only launched in 31 countries. But everyone is playing Pokemon GO thanks to App Stores.

A recent report says the game will launch in Asia and Europe in the next few days. Hopefully, it will be launched in India  soon. But I will tell you how to download Pokemon Go and play it in India. Here’s how you can play the game once you download it.

Note: Please do it at your own risk. Hacking everyday is not responsible if anything happens to your phone.

Step 1Download the Pokemon Go APK. Download

Step 2: Install the Pokemon Go App and open it ( make sure your wifi and GPS is On)

Step 3: Sign up with google.

  • sign in using your existing google account for play this game.

How to Play Pokemon Go in India

Step 4: Choose your style.

  • You can Customize your player according to you. You can change hair color, eye, cap color and much more.
    How to Play Pokemon Go in India

step 5: You need to go outside and Catch your first Pokemon.

  • I tried to play the game in my home but I found only one or two Pokemon and the game just wouldn’t work properly no matter how stable the Internet connection. Head outside, plug in your headphones, look at the phone and you will start seeing Pokemon Gyms, Pokestops, and of course wild Pokemon.
    How to Play Pokemon Go in India


  • No Internet No game .
  • It drains your battery.


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