This Xposed module gives you a more powerful variant of Marshmallow’s Doze mode.

One of the most interesting new features in Marshmallow is Doze. This battery-saving feature automatically cuts off non-essential background apps and functions when you aren’t using your phone, reducing power consumption while on standby to the lowest possible levels. It guarantees your phone will make it through the day comfortably. It isn’t an app, but is built into the system, so cannot be ported across. But that doesn’t mean you cannot get equivalent tools. Deep Sleep Battery Saver is one of them. It works on non-rooted devices as well as rooted ones and even on those which Xposed framework.

 1.  Set up the app

Install Deep Sleep Battery Saver Pro (DSBS) from the Play Store. Launch it and grant it root privileges. If you’ve already got the Xposed Framework installed, you also need to activate DSBS within that and then reboot your phone.

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 2. Choose a profile

To configure the app, begin with selecting a profile. There are six of them from Off to Slumberer.  There’s also custom if you want to create your own profile.

choose profile

3. Adjust your settings

Select Custom from the list. Work through the list of options. Frequency is how often the phone wakes from deep sleep and Duration is how long it will stay awake to allow apps sync.

adjust setting

4. Set up a whitelist

The whitelist option lets you choose which apps are unaffected by DSBS. By default, all apps will be closed. But if you want, say, Slack to continue running in the background add it to the whitelist.


5. Final fine-tuning steps

On rooted devices, tap the Tune CPU button to power down all but one of your CPU’s cores when the display is off, and choose which days you want your profile to work you can create different options for weekdays and for weekends.

final tuning


Author: Yash

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