How To Reduce Your Mobile Bill Abroad

Are you tired of increased expense of your mobile bills abroad? In today’s life Internet is a basic need for us, but the daily increasing price of phone bills and hike in rates of Internet when we are abroad are over the top.

So here’s a hack for you to enjoy your life and favorite chats to its fullest.

How To Reduce Your Mobile Bill Abroad

As well as checking if your not network provider has a good deal for overseas phone uses, there are other data costs on holiday.

       1. Turn off Data Roaming

Phone functions such as automatically updating apps use data in the background, so if you’re still worried, you should always turn off data roaming abroad when you don’t need it.
On iPhone.

1. Go to settings


2. Then Mobile data options


3. And turn off your data roaming


On Android.


        2. Use free Wifi in public areas

Now, we say this with caution, yes, use public wifi because it allows you to use your smartphone without guzzling your network data but do be careful what you use it for .
Public wifi is not 100% secure so look out for “https” in the address bar to ensure any data connection is encrypted and don’t check your bank account and be careful with your sensitive information. It’s wisest to stick to wifi provided by hotels and cafés.

       3. Go to mobile-friendly websites only

An increasing number of websites now have specific sites where their pages are specially optimized for the mobile phone, thus making them lighter on the megabytes.
Most mobile websites have a very similar address to the desktop (or ‘fat’) site. Try replacing the ‘www’ with ‘m’ or ‘mobile’.

       4. Switch Sim Card

Another way to avoid high roaming charges is to switch your SIM cards.
Many companies  have a range of pay-as-you-go and 30-day plans that it claims could save users “up to 90 percent” on international roaming charges, with their pre-paid data SIMs.
But first, the smartphone needs to be “unlocked” from its home network.

       5. Download Offline Maps

When you’re away from home you actually need data more than you do normally, so the high data charges are doubly frustrating. Step off the plane/train/automobile and the first thing we want/need to do is firing up maps and GPS on our smartphones.

The trick is to download city or area maps before you leave home or do so when you get to your hotel wi-fi.

Android users benefit from Google’s own Google Maps service. They can pre-download maps covering a 10-mile radius. Android users need to enable the “Download map area” feature via the Labs tab in the Google Maps app.

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