Use Android Wear with iOS

If you wanted to use Apple Watch with your iPhone but considered it a bit expensive than this post is definitely for you. After reading this article you will be able to use the smartwatch with your iPhone without spending a handsome amount on Apple Watch.

1. Download the app

Go to iTunes Store and search for Android wear. Download and install as any other app. It is free to download and use.

download app

2. Enable Bluetooth

  Make sure that the Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone. This will need to be enabled on both the devices all the time in order for the Android Wear notification to work properly all the time.

enable bluetooth

3. Connect devices

Follow the instructions to connect the two devices and wait for the pairing to get completed. The process may take a while to get completed. This is a one-time process for the connection to remain stable in the future.

connect devices

4. Secure Setup

You will need to compare the codes on each device to make sure that they are identical when pairing the devices. At no point will the Android Wear device compromise the security of the iPhone or vice versa. You can rest easy when using Android Wear with an iPhone.

secure setup

5. Set your preferences

Once the connection has been enabled, you will be able to set your preferences. Preferences include tilt to wake, card previews and choosing whether to use Google Now or not. Almost every notification you need will be available to select from the start.

set your preferences

6. Block Apps

You will also see the option to block apps from displaying notifications on the Android Wear watch. This is particularly useful if you use a third party calendar and do not want duplicate entries appearing throughout the day.

block apps

Author: Yash

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