How to delete a sent WhatsApp message before it’s delivered

Whatsapp message sent to the wrong person??? nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

whatsapp message send to wrong



It must’ve happened to everyone at some point of time that we’ve misfired the wrong photo, forwarded message, self-written messages.And at the end, we’re left with great embarrassment.

So here’s a HACK where you can save yourself from all the mess.

  • make sure you jump into action before your message is delivered.

so let’s get started:-

1: Keep pressing on the message you have mistakenly sent.

2: Tap on “Delete” int he window that will pop up.

Immediately opt for the delete option.


But if you can’t follow these steps, you can do the following:-

1: You can either immediately turn off the mobile data or WI-FI.

2: Or you can soon opt for ‘Airplane mode’.

  • Remember, the action can be reversed only if there is no grey tick.




Author: Aakash

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